Monday, April 23, 2012

Allysin Kay Wins AIW Women's Title From Mia Yim

Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Title.

Weapons include ironing board, toy machine gun, hose, broom, bat, golf clubs,
etc. Match is unsanctioned.
Mia brings out her own black and pink light tubes. Stare down to start. Allysin with a headbutt and a slap. Mia slaps back, Mia with some knees to the face, Allysin with a german suplex. Allysin slams Mia’s head into the turnbuckle and stomps away at Mia. Mia with an idian
death lock. Mia choking Allysin with shirt. Allysin takes control with a series of kicks to Mia’s mid section. Allysin picks up the toy gun and turns on the red scope. Throws it down after she realizes its not real. Mia picks up a bat and smashed the gun to bits. Allysin with a broom and smacks Mia in the butt with it. Mia ducks a dive and
Allysin goes to the floor. Mia with a running kick to Allysin from the apron. They are both targeting each other noses. Allysin grabs a chair and nails Mia on the outside with it. Allysin rams Mia’s face
into the ring post. Allysin chasing Mia around the ring. Mia comes
back with some kicks against the guard rail. Allysin throws Mia into a
row of chairs. Mia grabs a light tube and Allysin grabs a MACHETE.
They both go to the ramp and Allysin’s machete gets stuck in the ramp.
Mia nails Allysin with a light tube. Mia gets Allysin back into the
ring and Mia misses the Sky Yim. Sassy Stephanie is out and distracts
Mia. Allysin grab Mia and gets the 3 count. Allysin is mad because
she wanted to “do this on my own”. Allysin DEMANDS the match be
restarted. Allysin nails Chest Flexxor and one of his henchman. Mr
Wadsworth is out and says Mia/Allysin 3 will be held at Absolution. No
outside interference.

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