Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't Mess With Tess: Miss Tessmacher's Journey From The Office To The Ring

On March 29th, 2010, Miss Tessmacher made her TNA Impact debut as Eric Bischoff’s assistant. Some of us remembered her as Brooke, one of the dancers from Extreme Expose, but very few of us expected that in 2012, she would become the TNA Women’s Champion at Slammiversary, one of TNA’s biggest PPV’s. To look at Tessmacher’s TNA journey, from beginning to the present, shows how hard work and the attitude of let letting the doubters bring you down can allow you to achieve your dream.

From Secretary to Knockout

Miss Tessmacher didn’t go to the ring right away. After playing the role of Bischoff’s assistant for a few months, she was promoted to the position of Knockout Law on September 30th, 2010. Unfortunately, she was fired two weeks later for leaking information Bischoff didn’t want others to know, and told she had to learn how to wrestle to stay on the roster. We hadn’t seen very much, if any, of Brooke’s wrestling ability while she was in WWE, so there was doubt if she really could work the ropes. Her first taste of being in the TNA ring came on December 16th, as Mickie Jame’s partner for the tournament to crown new TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions. That was all we got to see of Tessmacher until she returned backstage on April 21st, and back in the ring on May 5th, 2011, as an accident outside the ring left her unable to compete.

Tag Team Gold

Miss Tessmacher’s first taste of gold came on July 21st, when she and tag team partner Tara won the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles from Sarita and Rosita, and her first singles win came on August 4th, against Madison Rayne. By this point, it was becoming obvious that she wasn’t going to be content just sitting back and letting her looks keep her in the ring. Plus, with a partner like Tara, she had the opportunity to learn from one of the best. TnT may have lost the titles on November 3rd, 2011, but that wasn’t going to be the last time Miss. Tessmacher had gold in her hands.

In 2012, Miss Tessmacher pinned the current Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim, on three separate occasions. One time she even used her opponents own finishing move to get the 1, 2, 3. This earned her a shot at the title on May 13th at Sacrifice, which sadly, didn’t turn out her way. But she wasn’t willing to give up. Miss Tessmacher finally achieved the dream she had proclaimed to the world at Slammiversary on June 10th, pinning Gail Kim to win the Knockouts title.

Beating The Odds
When Miss Tessmacher first showed up in TNA, I didn’t give her much of a chance. Has she ever proved me, and I hope many of her other doubters, wrong. Yes, she’s a model and yes, she’s beautiful, but she isn’t just another pretty face. She’s improved so much since her first TNA match, by becoming more comfortable in the ring and adding to her move set. There’s always room for improvement, but if she keeps this “Never Give Up” attitude, who knows what we’ll be writing about in the next 2 years for Miss Tessmacher.

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