Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Knockouts Champion; Same Old X-Division Champ

So here are the results for the two Hardcore Justice matches I wanted to see, Tessmacher vs Rayne and King vs Ion. A more detailed report on Madison's win will come tomorrow. Results from Wrestling News Source.

"After the match they go to show whats been going on between Earl Hebner and Madison Rayne.

Miss Tessmacher (Champ) vs Madison Rayne – Knockouts Championship match

Madison Rayne makes her way out to the ring as they show that Earl Hebner is the ref for the match. Miss Tessmacher is out next. They lock up as Madison takes control and backs Tessmacher into the corner and Hebner backs her up as Tessmacher rolls up Madison several times and only gets a two count. Madison looks upset with Earl as he is counting Madison so she gets back in and clotheslines Tessmacher and gets a one count. Madison throws Tessmacher into the corner and puts a boot to her throat and then throws Tessmacher by her hair across the ring. Tessmacher regains control with a clothesline as she goes for another and gets taken down by Rayne with a suplex and pin and gets a two count. Madison gives Tessmacher a Scissors Stomp and goes for a pin and gets two count she goes again and gets a one count. Tessmacher is able to stop Madison with a clothesline. Tessmacher hits Madison with a facebuster and an elbow off the top rope and goes for the pin and ref catches Madion’s foot on the rope. Madison rolls up Tessmacher and uses the ropes but Ref doesn’t see and Madison gets the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne – New Knockouts Champ

After the match Madison celebrates with Earl as the commentators talk about sending in questions for Aries and Roode to answer on twitter after the next match.


They go to promote the X division championship is up next as they show a video package of Kenny King arriving in TNA.

Zema Ion (Champ) vs Kenny King- X Division Championship Match

Tenay and Taz go over the X factors of the match. Back in the Impact Zone Christy Hemme announces Kenny King as he makes his way to the ring. Zema Ion is out next. Ion and King lock up as Ion backs King in the corner and then slaps King as King slaps Ion back and then gains control. King has Ion down and drops a knee on the arm but Ion fights back up. Kenny takes Ion down again and has him in a headlock but Ion reverses. King goes for a pin and gets a two count. Ion gets control over King and charges in but misses as King moves and kicks Ion in the face. Both men fight outside as King gets control and throws Ion back in attempts to jump over Ion but Ion catches King and drops him on the top rope. Ion gets control over King outside as he throws him back in the ring. King punches Ion in the face and charges only to get dropped on the top rope. Ion stomped on Kings face. King puches Ion in the gut over and over but Ion kicks King over and over in the chest. Ion and King punch each other over and over but Ion knees King in the gut and goes for the pin but gets a one count. Ion has King in a submission but King fights up but gets dropped with a DDT by Ion. Ion does a Moonsault but misses as King hits an atomic drop then clothesline after clothesline and a hard punch to the jaw. King goes for the pin and he gets a two count. King suplexed Ion into the turnbuckle. Ion rolls outside and King flies out after him. King hits a neckbrreaker and a pin and only gets a two count. King has a single legged Boston Crab on Ion but Ion is able to escape the submission. Ion goes for a pin and gets a two count. Ion goes to the top rope but is stopped by King, King goes up to the top but is thrown down by Ion. King charges and kicks Ion in the head. King rolls up Ion and only gets a two count. King and Ion fight to their feet as King charges into Ion and then Ion rolls King up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Zema Ion"

Thoughts: Man, both of these wins suck! Pardon my bias. Tess should have kept the title and Kenny should have won the title. Period.

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