Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time For New Knockouts Tag Champs

I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that the 15th of April episode of Impact Wrestling – the pay-per-view Lockdown – was the last time we seen Eric Young and ODB competing as a tag team and right now the male female pairing of women’s tag team champions, currently hold the longest reign of any team to ever hold the titles and they’ve done literally nothing with them. Didn’t Hamada and Awesome Kong get stripped of the belts for not defending the titles for thirty days?

When they won the belts, it baffled me and the whole wrestling world, and with news that Eric Young will be returning full time to Impact Wrestling, it’s about time to give this team a quick defeat and brush their reign under the rug as if it never happened. Live Impact airs tonight so what better way to kick it off than to have brand new tag champs. We take a quick look at four teams, eligible for the tag team gold.


The Knockouts of dominant stable Mexican America are another couple who haven’t been seen in TNA in a very long time. Sarita and Rosita are former Knockouts Tag champs – Sarita holding the belt on not one occasion with Rosita, but on a second too with former Knockout Taylor Wilde. Mexican America could make their well needed return tonight on live Impact and defeat the husband wife couple to capture the second reign as a team.



TNA Knockouts champion Brooke Tessmacher has teamed with Tara once before to capture the TNA Knockouts Tag titles, so what’s stopping them from doing so again? Brooke is the current (two time) singles champion while partner and trainer Tara is a four time singles champ. The pair first captured the tag belts when they defeated Rosita and Sarita last year in July. Lately, both Tara and Tessmacher have continued to dominate in the Knockouts division so it’d make sense to put the belt on this pair.


Gail Kim and Madison Rayne once won the tag titles and they proved to be a dominant team, holding both the tag titles and the singles championship at the same time. Recently, the pair have been on a losing streak but surely even they can exact their revenge on the couple that beat them for the tag belts and recapture what’s theirs?!


A random pairing – the ‘wild card’ – as they say. Weeks back, Taeler Hendrix earned herself a contract and has yet to be seen on Impact television and the last time we saw Mickie James, she was screwed out of two victories by love blinded referee Earl Hebner. In a way to get Taeler involved in the Knockouts division, TNA could have Mickie take her under her wing (as let’s face it, they have their similarities!) and the pair could take the Knockouts division by storm – starting with the TNA Knockouts Tag titles!

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