Monday, March 5, 2012

Lance Storm's Letter To ROH Revealed!

The letter written by Lance Storm to Jim Cornette that got him a match against 'The Prodigy' Mike Bennett at Showdown in the Sun was revealed on the Ring of Honor website and it is posted below for all of you to see.
From the ROH website: "As was announced several weeks ago, Lance Storm is returning to Ring of Honor for the first time since 2009 to take on “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1” on March 30th when we hit Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the very first time. As stated before, this is a match that was personally request by Mr. Storm prior to it being announced. What follows now is a copy of the letter, as sent to Jim Cornette, that got the ball rolling:
Lance Storm
Storm Wrestling Academy
Calgary, AB Canada
To: Ring of Honor Wrestling
Atten: Mr. Jim Cornette
Jim, I hope this letter finds you well and before I get to the main point of my letter I want to commend you on the great job you are doing with ROH. Now that you guys are on Sinclair I’m able to catch the tv show up here, so it’s great to be able to follow the product again. Of all the places I’ve worked during my career, ROH is one of my favourites and hold a special place in my heart. Ring of Honor is what I envisioned pro wrestling to be when I first broke in; a place where guys can just compete in the sport of pro-wrestling and have the opportunity to test themselves and prove they are the best. I see the same passion I had back then, and still have to this day, in guys like the Briscoes, Hass & Benjamin, and ROH Champ Davey Richards.
That said there is one guy on the roster that I take exception to and that’s Mike Bennett. I don’t want to get off on a full rant here, but the way this guy carries himself drives me crazy. He spends more time worrying about his image and reminding us his girlfriend was in Playboy than (If I can borrow a line from the Briscoes) manning up and showing me something. To make it worse Bennett actually has a ton of talent and potential. He’s very good but appears to have very little respect for the sport or ROH, and doesn’t seem to understand how lucky he is to even have a spot in this industry.
I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know; what I am doing is asking you if you would let me come in and do something about it. One of my main goals at Storm Wrestling Academy is to make sure every student that walks through my door leaves with respect for this industry and an understanding of how fortunately they are to be able to be a part of it. I don’t think Mike Bennett has that respect or that understanding, and I would really like the opportunity to teach it to him.
While I have not competed in ROH since you joined the company, ROH and I do have a fairly long standing history dating back to my first appearance in December of 2005. It was at that appearance that I first fell in love with ROH and what it stood for. In April of 2006 I challenged, then Ring of Honor World Champion, Bryan Danielson for the ROH Title in a match that is one of the highlights of my career. I competed again for ROH in the summer of 2009, and I’m asking you to allow me to do it one more time, with Mike Bennett.
Let me know what you think. I’d consider it a person favour it you can make this happen. My current session at SWA ends March 23rd so my schedule is pretty wide open from the 24th of March thru May 5th.
All the best,
Lance Storm
Storm vs. Bennett goes down on 3/30/12 at The War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and it will be broadcast live on iPPV as well. Tickets can be purchased right here via Ticketmaster, or you can order the iPPV broadcast from GoFightLive here"

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