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Ring of Honor 10th Anniversary Show Results

A Decade of Honor.

That's how Ring of Honor (ROH) has been hyping their 10th Anniversary Show. It's a very different company today than it was when it first opened its doors in Philadelphia in 2002. To drive that point home, a video montage of important and historic matches from the company's history played during the show's intermission. Almost no one featured is still with the company in a full-time wrestling capacity. CM Punk and Bryan Danielson -- aka Daniel Bryan -- are champions of their respective brands in WWE. Samoa Joe has been wrestling under the TNA banner for over half a decade now. Kenta Kobashi returned to Japan after a weekend, injuries caught up to Nigel McGuinness and forced him to retire.

It seems The Briscoes -- Mark and Jay -- are the last men standing.

Despite having a rotating roster thanks to their talent constantly getting called up to the big leagues, ROH still managed to present an entertaining show more often than not. Tonight was another example.
The 40 minute main event saw Adam Cole get the pinfall over ROH World Champion Davey Richards in a tag match fueled by betrayal and bad blood. It was a thrilling display of professional wrestling that seems long gone in this era of instant gratification, last minute script rewrites and a predilection towards social media over what goes on inside the ring.

ROH Young Wolves Rising -- Tenth Anniversary Show Results

Match #1: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus)

Charlie Haas comes out sporting a beard, because that's what all heels do. Action starts off at a fairly speedy pace, with ANIX taking control until Benjamin hit a blatant low blow, which was wrongly called as a blow to the thigh area. ANIX get back into the match however and hit stereo dives to the outside.

Haas and Benjamin start working Titus' previously injured knee. Benjamin teases a chair shot to the knee on the outside, but instead uses a figure four with Titus leg wrapped around the ring post.

Titus clotheslines Haas to the outside leaving King and Benjamin to face off, nice combination of pin attempts by both men and eventually King reverses one of Benjamin's cradles into one of his own for the win.

Winner: The All Night Express

Match #2: Homicide vs. Mike Bennett (w/ Brutal Bob & Maria)

Love this chant. The NYC crowd, once again produce loud CM Punk chants for the Prodigy and his main squeeze Maria. Homicide wears a jump suit, just like old school. Fast paced and intense start to this one as they brawl around ringside, with Homicide in command. Bennett controls methodically for a few minutes.

Homicide gives props to Samoa Joe with a powerbomb right into a Stepover Toehold Facelock, but Bennett escapes in the ropes. They battle on the top rope as Homicide teases a Pepsi Plunge, a nice shout out to CM Punk, But Bennett backdrops him off the top rope.

Homicide however fights back and in another shout out to Punk, he hits the Go 2 Sleep as Maria flips out on the outside, thus distracting Homicide and allowing Bennett to roll him up for the three count.

Surprisingly good match. The brawl at the beginning set the tone for what was to follow. Homicide, with his costume, music and tributes to Joe and Punk added some real niche nostalgia.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Nice comments from Homicide after the match, saying happy birthday to ROH and stating it is the greatest company in the world, he then leads the crowd in the famous ‘ROH' chant.

After some comments from Kelly and McGuinness about ROH not being a place where the ‘old folks' end up, Chikara pro wrestling's Grand Champion, Eddie Kingston comes out for an interview with Kevin Kelly.

As Kingston says he has an idea that he would like to tell Davey Richards, Kevin Steen interrupts with Richards music playing. Steen insults Kingston and Chikara itself by stating that it is a ‘Mickey Mouse promotion', this gets Kingston hot. The two start fighting and then the two are pulled apart by officials.

Steen then picks up the Grand Championship and threatens to piss on the title, this leads to Chikara talents, The Colony and Jigsaw coming out and attacking Steen with Fire Ant diving from inside the ring to the outside on everyone. The brawl erupts again, through the curtain to the back.

Match #3: House of Truth (Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin) vs. TJ Perkins & The Amazing Red

The fans welcome back Amazing Red, who as Kelly noted was in the first ever ROH match against Jay Briscoe.

Perkins and Red seem to work well as a team and overwhelm the House of Truth with speed for the early parts of the contest, until Elgin squashes Perkins with a powerslam as he attempted a slingshot move.

Red goes on the attack with variations of kicks as the fans go wild for him. He tries a suicide dive on Elgin but gets caught, however, Perkins from inside the ring does his own dive, which connects on Elgin. Later on, Stereo dives by Red and Perkins onto Strong and Truth Martini on the other side of the ring.

Code Red connects on Elgin, should have been contest over but Strong made the save. Elgin and Strong hit an Alabama Slam into a Back Stabber on Red for the win.

Nice chants of ‘please come back' aimed towards Amazing Red. This was a fun match, which saw the fans really get into Red and Perkins high flying offense. This match seemed to be a showcase for Red, re-introducing him to ROH fans.

Winners: House of Truth

Match #4: ROH Television Championship Jay Lethal (Champion) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Very slow pace throughout the majority of this one, and it took a couple of minutes before Lethal was able to turn up the pace, sending Ciampa to the outside with a springboard dropkick.

It seems this match is going to go the distance with the way they have structured this bout, especially because with about eight minutes left in the time limit, Ciampa is still taking the match real slow, using nothing but kicks and punches.

Lethal and Ciampa fight on the top rope, until Lethal knocks him off and hits Hail to the King for a two count. They fight on the apron and Ciampa hits a dangerous Air Raid Crash, which sees Lethal's body smack the edge of the ring.

Thrilling last few seconds in this one, with both men desperate to get the win and beat the clock. But to no avail.

Not a great match this one, far too slow with not much going on for long periods of time. Looks like ROH is wanting to build this into a long term programme.

After the match, Lethal wanted five more minutes but wasn't given it, Ciampa hit Project Ciampa to lay the champion out before stealing the belt and leaving.

Time Limit Draw, therefore still ROH TV Champion: Jay Lethal

Match #5: ROH Tag Team Championship Match -- The Briscoes (Champions) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

Straight after the interval and this match got off to a frantic pace, with The Briscoes dominating the early exchange. A nice spot saw The Briscoes double hip toss Matt Jackson out of the ring onto Nick.

The Briscoes were in control for large periods of this and were wearing out Matt until Nick distracted Jay as he ran the ropes and the Bucks double teamed their way back into the match. The Bucks used some kicks but Mark blocks a suicide dive and unleashes Red Neck Kung Fu, which gained a nice response from the crowd.

Nick hit a moonsault off the apron on Mark and then the Bucks double teamed Jay in the corner, followed by a rope-hung 450 Splash. Jay tried to fight both Jacksons but got double superkicked and Mark had to break up the pin.

The Bucks went for More Bang For Your Buck but Jay got his knees up to block the 450, Mark shoved Matt off the top to the outside and then took his place on the top rope, hitting the Doomsday Device for the three.

Given how much TV time and build was put into this match, it was so surprising to see how The Young Bucks barely looked like a threat. There wasn't much drama to the match and this was solely because The Briscoes were booked so strong that it was near impossible to fathom that they would lose. Very disappointing if you were expecting a competitive encounter.

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

Match #6: No DQ Match -- Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Steen wrestled in his tuxedo shirt, which was funny. Jacobs wore street clothes. Casino came out with Jacobs and proclaimed to Steen that enough is enough and this match wasn't happening. Steen insulted Corino, so Jacobs attacked him and then removes his big coat and pants to reveal his Age of the Fall tights and coat. Didn't get much of a reaction from the live crowd.

Steen hit a codebreaker while Jacobs was holding a chair and then hit a fallaway slam into the guard rail, ouch. Steen beats Jacobs down on the ramp and tried to jump on him off the rail but Jacobs threw him down onto the ramp.

Tornado DDT from Jacobs to Steen on the guard rail, looked sick, Jacobs took too long setting up a table and Steen powerbombed him into the ring frame twice but couldn't hit a third as Jacobs speared him from the ring off the apron through a table. Which drew a huge response from the live crowd.

Steen went for a Swanton but Jacobs got his knees up. F-5 by Steen! But he didn't go for the pin and instead set up two chairs back to back looking for a backbreaker, Jacobs escaped but couldn't hold onto offense for long as Steen hit an F-5 through the chairs for the win, which looked absolutely brutal.

Great match, a little slow and sloppy in places but once the two of them got going it was good. One criticism could be made that perhaps Steen was given too much of an invisibility aura about, with Jacobs hitting a lot of big moves only for Steen to bounce right back.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Match #7: Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

Richards shook hands with Edwards and Cole but O'Reilly says he respects neither man. Which drew a negative response from the crowd. Kevin Steen interrupted them and said he respected none of them, Steen continues by claiming Richards is scared of him and that the show should have been him wrestling for the world title.

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