Saturday, March 3, 2012

Women of Honor, Maria Wins Gold

So just a minute ago, I was carousing my favorite site,, and I happened upon this article that was an interview with Sara Del Rey (part of it anyway) and she was saying that ROH is hoping to lauch a women's division in 2012, aptly named 'Women of Honor'.

You can find the article here:

And for the actual site:

In my opinion, this would be great move for ROH. I love watching Ring of Honor, and I think that with a women's match or two thrown in, they could really benefit. Maria Kanellis, Mia Yim, Sara Del Rey, and many other women have appeared for ROH, and they manged. Not saying that's not a profitable gig, but still. All of those women have talent, and they deserve a place to show it in their company.

Speaking of Maria, she recently won her first wrestling championship! That's right, to celebrate her 30th b-day, Ms. Kanellis won the Family Wrestling Entertainment Women's Championship, becoming the inagural champ in the process. She defeated TNA's Winter in the final of a four woman tournament (previously defeating TNA's Tara, and Winter defeating Brooke Tessmacher) to win the belt. I wish Maria the best of luck with her title, and here's to a long happy title reign for her.
Maria is one of my favorite women in wrestling, because she's pretty, she's very funny, and she's also a good wrestler, thought very few people give her credit for her in-ring ability. She's a great addition to Ring of Honor, and I'm sure she'll make FWE proud as their new champ.

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