Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alternate WWE Diva Entrance Themes, Part 1

Here’s another one of my unique brainchildren. Putting alternate themes to Divas is the new cool thing to do :)
Ashley Massaro:
Be Yourself” by Audioslave is my favourite song of all time so of course I became a fan when she started using that, her instrumental one was alright but I hated her “Light A Fire” theme. Obviously I kept with the punk rock edge to her character but I gave it a bit of a girly twist since Ashley wasn’t really as much of a tomboy as say Lita. The song chosen is “No Sleep Tonight” by an all-girl rock band called The Faders. And no the no sleep tonight thing is not a reference to Ashley’s supposed extracurricular activities.
Candice Michelle:
Candice’s original “What Love Is” theme is something of a guilty pleasure for me but I couldn’t stand the techno remix. I knew straight away that this song would be the one for her and it’s “Love Sex Magic” by Ciara, featuring Justin Timberlake. It has the same feel to it as “What Love Is” and the rhythm seems to go well with the movements she makes during her entrance.
I was really stuck when trying to pick a theme for the 9th Wonder of the World. I didn’t want the song to be too girly but not give her a guy’s theme as well. The song I chose is “Day & Night” by Billie Piper. I like the tone of it as it’s quite hard and forceful but it’s also pop so it has that feminine edge to it. I wasn’t sure if it would fit Chyna but it goes really well.
Dawn Marie:
Another Diva I was stuck trying to find a song for. And yet another girl who got a Brit Pop song slapped on. It’s “No Good Advice” by Girls Aloud and I think the song fits Dawn’s personality as a sultry and dirty heel who will do what she wants when she wants.
I was wondering what to give her and then it suddenly popped right into my head. The choice is Jimi Hendrix’sPurple Haze”. It seemed so obvious to me since purple is Ivory’s favourite colour and she almost never wore an outfit without it in some shape or form. The song didn’t really come through too well in the video though.
Like with Chyna I didn’t want Jackie’s theme to be too girly but then I realised she got her WWE theme with a very feminine gimmick and I seem to remember Jackie getting a load of comparisons to Beyonce, being a dark-skinned blonde and all. The song is “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child and I think it was a good fit anyway. I felt that Jackie would suit an R&B song.
Jazz on the other hand was probably the least feminine Diva there ever was so she warranted a hard rock song. The song I picked is Ram Jam’sBlack Betty” and I admit I had no idea which song I was going to use at first since Jazz’s theme suited her so well and was almost irreplaceable. However I thought of this song and went “why the hell not?” and I think it goes unusually well.
Jillian Hall:
Now I did consider simply using a Britney Spears song for Jilly-bean but no wrestler who wanted to get booked would ever come out to something sung by Britney. I kept with the idea of pop and “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls seemed to fit Jillian’s character, a Diva who’s obsessed with trying to make it big as a pop star. The way Jillian moves in her entrance seems to gel with the rhythm of the song too.
Katie Lea:
Now you probably wouldn’t guess it from listening to this track but it is actually Maria Kanellis singing there. The song is “Sevin Sins” from her EP of the same name and I thought it would go well with Katie Lea’s almost gothic character. The whole thing of sinning and fire and brimstone fits a heel who debuted with a brother/sister incest gimmick.
I knew of course that Lita would warrant a good hard and fast rock song. I did consider her own song “When I Get You Alone” as well as some of her stuff with the Luchagors but when I heard “My Goddess” by The Exies I knew it was a perfect fit for Lita. I think you’ll agree if you listen.
I was considering using one of her own songs, leaning most towards “Fantasy” because it’s incredibly catchy but none of her music actually fits her own character in WWE and she would look strange coming out to songs about forbidden love, sinning, using sex etc. I went with a similar sounding song to “Legs Like That” and it’s All Time Low’sDear Maria Count Me In” which of course fits like a glove since it has her name in it.
Mickie James:

Come on, was it really going to be any other song? It is of course “Hey Mickie” by Toni Basil. Her “Obsession” theme song was of course what they call a Jimmy Hart Version of the song so it already fits easily.
Molly Holly:
Molly was a really hard one to pick for since she had four different gimmicks during her time in WWE and I didn’t feel like picking a theme for each one so I just went with one that would fit her face character since that’s the one I preferred. This is a production theme called “Como” that was actually intended to be her theme after she split from the Hurricane and it was used on a couple of episodes of Heat but she was hastily turned heel and had to be given her “Rhesus Pieces” theme.
Since Sable was all about the looks and she had millions of fans simply because of her exquisite beauty, this kind of song was perfect for her. I kept it to the clean version to keep things relatively classy but “Sexy Chick” by Dave Guetta goes well with Sable’s whole persona. She really was nothing like any of the WWE fans had seen before and was simply a beautiful lady that had the fans rooting for her. I imagine the grind goes pretty well with the song’s rhythm too.
Stacy Keibler:
Now I considered using Stacy’s own song “Why Can’t We Just Dance?” but even if it is sung by her, it doesn’t quite match the motions of her entrance. The song I went with sounds similar to “She’s Got Legs” and it’s the famous “Cherry Pie” by Warrant. Sharp eared fans will also know that when Stacy guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother, this song was her motif for her scenes behind the bar and it was a concept that worked in my opinion.
Even if Tori was always one of my favourite Divas, picking an alternate theme for her was hard – and her “Full Out” song wasn’t very good either. Alas with no ideas I had to resort to the Tekken soundtrack. Tekken 2 gave us Paul Phoenix’s Arcade version of his theme and it’s a little more bouncy and memorable than Tori’s dreadfully generic theme music.
Torrie Wilson:
And it’s the other Torrie. She’s another girl who I felt needed a pop song but I didn’t want to just use another song with some guy singing about her beauty and attraction. I went with the Ting TingsShut Up And Let Me Go”. The singer’s voice is quite distinctive and helps the song be less generic but still with a nice conventional rhythm. And in the video it almost looks like Torrie is high fiving the fans in time to the music.
Trish Stratus:
When you hear this one you’ll likely be muting your computers, laughing your heads off or nodding in agreement. The song I chose falls squarely in the love or hate column and it is Katy Perry’sFirework”. But really what other song fits Trish better? This song is exactly what Trish was all about and thus it goes well. Just see how she salutes the crowd in time to the music. For your biggest babyface I feel they need a feel good anthem to get the fans excited. And while I think keeping her “Time To Rock and Roll” theme as a heel was a bit of a stretch, she’d definitely need to change this one when she turned.
Last but not least. Victoria’s “All The Things She Said” theme was brilliant and fit her so well and then they had to go and ruin it with that horrible slow remix of “To Mess With” which didn’t suit her at all. I decided to keep the motif going and give her another Tatu song, this one being “Friend or Foe”. After her heel turn in 2005, this does fit quite well don’t you think?

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