Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eve Replaces Kaitlyn, Wins Divas Championship

Eve managed to defeat Layla at Night of Champions 2012 to win the WWE Divas Championship.

Kaitlyn was originally scheduled to battle Layla after winning a battle royal several weeks ago, but she was attacked backstage and unable to compete. While we didn't get to see who attacked her, it's quite obvious that it was Eve who attacked her, or at least was the mastermind behind the attack to make sure she received a title shot.
Eve started 2012 hotter than any Diva on the current roster, as she was in the midst of a main-event storyline with John Cena, Kane and Zack Ryder. At WrestleMania, she cost Ryder and Team Teddy Long their match for brand supremacy when she was aligned with Johnny Ace.

After being pushed to the back burner on WWE programming in favor of AJ Lee, WWE is finally giving Eve her due credit. Though Eve would have been a far superior general manager for RAW than AJ, fans can rest assured that one of the most skilled Divas on the roster is back in the spotlight after winning the Divas Championship.

Layla has been impressive inside the squared circle compared to where she started her career, but she has been a lackluster face champion. The WWE Divas division desperately needs some spice, and Eve is the perfect woman to inject that excitement as she can not only carry herself in the ring, but she's also a high-quality worker on the mic.

Considering how much support WWE has put behind Eve this year, it's only fitting she ends 2012 carrying the most prestigious women's title in the business.

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