Sunday, September 9, 2012

No Surrender Knockouts Title Match Thoughts

This seems like it could be TNA’s next big feud for the Knockouts, so I’d like to see it go on for a long time. Since Tara has all the momentum on her side, defeating Brooke in the non-title match, and defeating Gail Kim this week, I say Brooke will retain. It just doesn’t benefit either of them to have Tara win the title this early, if she’ll win it at all.

This may be a long shot but I think things could be headed towards a heel turn for the champ. I noticed that in the non-title match it was she who called out Tara which could be a good foundation to build on, having her get obsessed with beating her friend and mentor by perhaps having to cheat in the first couple of matches. I noticed that Brooke was acting very heelish in that match and looked especially sulky and grumpy when it was over. I think she’d work better as a heel since she comes across as very bratty and bitchy in her promos.

I’d like to see the match end with some kind of controversial win for Brooke, maybe with Tara’s foot on the rope in the final pin. If TNA want to make this a long-runner then if Brooke is to turn heel then it should be done slowly. She shouldn’t outright cheat to win the match, she should keep us guessing at first. But since TNA’s booking isn’t exactly reliable then Tara could very well become a five-time Knockouts Champion.

More thoughts and discussions will come soon, but for now, what are your thoughts?

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