Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is AJ Unfit To Be The GM?

I never thought I’d agree with Vickie Guerrero, but on Monday Night Raw, she made a pretty good point. Lambasting AJ Lee for her recent actions as Raw General Manager — including, but not limited to, instigating a full-on brawl with The Queen Diva herself the previous week — Vickie affirmed that the red brand’s new authority is in way over her head.

“It is clear that she is losing control of her show,” Vickie shrieked in reference to AJ’s leadership abilities before calling the pant-suited powder keg to the ring and demanding an apology. AJ obliged, shuffling down the ramp and noticeably lacking the signature spring in her step. Indeed, after attempting to deal with WWE Champion CM Punk’s pre-Raw attack on Jerry “The King” Lawler, The Second City Saint’s subsequent refusal to compete in his scheduled Champion vs. Champion Match, Jack Swagger’s decision to take “time off” and some probing questions from Matt Striker, Ms. Lee was in no mood for skipping that night — a true rarity.

Vickie’s overtly critical stance on AJ’s performance over the past six weeks was shared at least somewhat by WWE’s Board of Directors, as AJ herself had admitted. Representatives from WWE’s stringent governing body told the diminutive Raw GM over the phone Monday night that her behavior has been “inappropriate and sometimes juvenile,” adding that she is not to put her hands on “any Superstar, manager or anyone else ever again.” WWE’s Board also required that AJ apologize for attacking Vickie, an act that was met by the defiant Diva with a slap across the Raw GM’s face.

Although Vickie was clearly in the wrong for taking advantage of AJ’s vulnerability and striking Ms. Lee knowing full well there would be no retaliation, the Raw GM’s resultant in-ring meltdown no doubt raised more than a few eyebrows among members of both the WWE Universe and the WWE Board.

Upon examining AJ Lee’s savage, chair-throwing tantrum, asks the question: Is AJ truly the right choice to serve as Raw General Manager?

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